This is how we met… :)


Prelude: He is visiting me, but is currently out of town on an academic visit to a University in another city. And so, obviously, I miss him. But then I thought, why not write our story, something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now.

So here goes…

I was a PhD student at the Institute and so was he. But, of course, I didn’t know he even existed coz we were in different departments and had no common friends at least in the beginning. I was a regular at the badminton court, going there every evening for a game or two to get refreshed. I love sports and not just passively. I like to play, and at that point in my life I only knew the game of badminton. So, I went to the courts almost every evening and played for a couple of hours. This was back in 2007, yeah I know, long time right! In the next 3 years, I made some friends on the badminton court and had a group that I played with. There were of course periods of inactivity in between due to an overload of coursework and/or some other better distraction. But, I was a regular and people kept coming and going on the courts.

So, of course on any given day, there would be 1-2 people who would be new to the badminton courts. I didn’t know everybody. But, the rule on the courts was to wait your turn for a game and then play doubles with whoever was also waiting during that time. So, it happened that I played with him and 2 other people . I only knew one of the guys in his group. There was also a girl from the Netherlands who was visiting our institute for a few months.  I think I asked him for his name while we were all waiting our turns for another game. It was pretty unremarkable. I don’t remember anything about this, except that I talked to him for a few minutes.

And, sure enough, a few days later, I received a Facebook friend request!



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