Postdoc-ing again: Part III – The job offer

So continuing from my last post, Postdoc-ing again: Part II, where I talked about my interviews for my next postdoc job, this is what happened right after. My life cannot be bereft of drama, and as if to prove a point, I got 2 offers (one from England and the other from USA) within a couple weeks of each other. The catch was that the USA offer was on email and the Prof was making a delay in giving me an official offer. Some issue with funding approval by the university.

There was not much I could do, but to keep the UK offer on hold for a week, but no one likes to be a backup and it was pretty clear that I was annoying the UK Prof. The other thing was that I had already built a relationship with the UK Prof through my failed Marie-Curie grant application and keeping him on hold was something he would not have anticipated. Still, I took my chances, and informed the US Prof of this competing offer so he could get on with the preparation of the official document if he really wanted me. In the meantime, I received another call for an interview with a very reputed Prof in my field. This at least gave me some backup if the other two fell through. And so, after a month of uncertainty, I finally received an email from the US Prof with his official offer.

But hey, I can’t be that mad right, coz this is the first time in my life that I got two very good offers, and faced the problem of plenty. This is definitely a good problem to have.

After the offer, I had to negotiate my salary, which was at least $5000 less than what I had expected. This was awkward but I did manage to get it up by $3000. 🙂 It was a little less, but I would take it. It was after all my dream job!

And so, I am moving to a new city also on the east coast of USA in June. I am so looking forward to this change in my life. And to top it off, my paper during my current postdoc has been accepted and proof-read. It should be up online by the end of this week. Suddenly everything has come together! Yay!!

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